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Ella Van Bergen/Frank Van Bergen Residence - 1927
1184 Wade - Highland Park, Illinois

          This 1928 photo shows the house with Van Bergen's landscaping and garden pond.
The history of this house is a bit complicated.  The permit for construction  is dated April 29, 1927 and the owner is listed as Mrs. W. F. Van Bergen.  That, of course is Ella Van Bergen.  When her husband died in 1927, she moved here to Highland Park from Oak Park, her longtime home.
          From here, she moved sometime in the 1930s to the duplex at 295 Cedar with Belle Bemis, Ruth Van Bergen's mother.  At that time, her other son, Frank Van Bergen moved from that house into this house.  When her husband, Herbert Small died, Jessie Van Bergen also lived here temporarily. (When they were married, the wedding and celebration were held here.) 
          Missing its cedar roof shingles, some of the rustic character of this small cottage is lost.  An open porch has been enclosed and the exterior paint colors have been changed.

Left:  Ella Van Bergen in the garden.

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