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Isabel Bemis/Frank Van Bergen Residence - 1924, and Garage - 1934
295 Cedar - Highland Park, Illinois

          When Ruth Van Bergen's father, Clarence died, her mother, Belle Bemis had this duplex house built.
          Sometime later Frank Van Bergen moved into the other half.  Then, sometime in the 1930's, Frank moved to his mother, Ella Van Bergen's house at 1184 Wade and she moved here, probably to be closer to John and Ruth who lived down the street at 234 Cedar.
          Ruth Van Bergen's sister, Claribel and her husband, Warren Spahr also lived here (temporarily) while their Van Bergen-designed house was being built in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
          The house is divided evenly and symmetrically into two halves with a common entrance.  In 1934, Frank Van Bergen built the garage.  The cedar roof shingles have been replaced and a small sunroom addition was added to the east side of the structure in 1947 - otherwise it remains very much as it was originally.

Far Left:  Ella Van Bergen in her garden.
Left: Ella and Jessie at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago.

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