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Parker N. Berry
Prospective Team Member

Correspondence, 1911

Purcell, Feick and Elmslie to Parker Berry (February 14, 1911)
Mr. P. N. Berry
1600 Auditorium Tower,
Chicago, Illinois

Sear Sir:- Your letter has been been answered for the reason that we have been very undecided as to what arrangement we had better make for next year. Acknowledgement was certainly due you, but that was put off from day to day, as it appeared that each day would aid us in determining our policies for a year ahead.

We have given your letter careful consideration in the light of what Mr. Elmslie knows of your work and preparation, and are in a position to offer you work for one year at $25.00 per week. This is as large a salary as a firm of our nature can possibly afford to pay. At this stage of development of a young architectural firm each man must be supplying his full capacity; under any other circumstances it would be unwise for us to employ yourself or any other at that figure. We are making you this offer on Mr. Elmslie's representations as to your capacity for solid and efficient work.

Will you kindly advise us at once whether this offer is acceptable, and when you would wish to begin. We should expect full two week's [sic] notice.

Very truly yours,
WP [initials]

   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers [Not indexed; presumably in either the P&E office correspondence for 1911 [AR:B4a1.5] or the Berry Correspondents file [C:22].
research courtesy mark hammons