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Parker N. Berry
Prospective Team Member

Correspondence, 1911

Parker Berry to Purcell, Feick, & Elmslie (February 13, 1911)
The North American Telegraph Company
Night Lettergram

Chicago, Ill. February 13th, 1911.

Messrs Purcell Feick and Elmslie
422 Auditorium Building
Minneapolis, Minn.

Sent you letter February Third. If it did not reach you will kindly wire me at my expense 1600 Auditorium Tower.

P. N. Berry

3:30 AM 14th

   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers [Not indexed; presumably in either the P&E office correspondence for 1911 [AR:B4a1.5] or the Berry Correspondents file [C:22].
research courtesy mark hammons