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Parker N. Berry
Prospective Team Member

Correspondence, 1911

Parker Berry to Purcell, Feick, & Elmslie (February 3, 1911)
Chicago, Illinois

February 3, 1911

Messrs. Purcell, Feick, and Elmslie
Minneapolis, Minn.


    I am writing you in consequence of a talk I had with Mr. Purcell when he was in Chicago last month. At that time, he told me that you contemplated taking on another draftsman about the first of March and said that you would be pleased to consider me as a candidate for the position if, before that time, I should decide that I would like to make a change.

    The pleasant associations, and the opportunities for growth in the profession which such a position would bring with it, mean much to me and make the prospect of procuring it very attractive.

    As to the salary which I would expect, I am almost at a loss what to say. While, at this stage of my career, the matter of salary is not the all-important one, at the same time it is human nature to want to receive what you think you can earn. And so I have given this part of the subject as much serious thought as the rest.

    I am convinced that I could not afford to make the change for less salary than twenty-five dollars per week and, after very earnest deliberation, think I can honestly earn thirty dollars per week.

    I have considered this matter of salary very carefully, for I don't want to appear to you to be over-ambitious or to be truing to obtain more than I think I am worth. If you think that my experience and my ability, so far as you are familiar with it, do not warrant you in giving me thirty dollars per week, I shall be very glad to consider what you think you can afford to offer me.

Very sincerely,

P. N. Berry

4840 Champlain Ave.

   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers [Not indexed; presumably in either the P&E office correspondence for 1911 [AR:B4a1.5] or the Berry Correspondents file [C:22].
research courtesy mark hammons