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Dr. Keith Helen Sadler - 1946
1855 County Line Rd.  - - now 20 Acorn Lane - Highland Park, Illinois

          Helen Sadler, a physio-therapist by profession, commissioned this house and had it built from 1946 to 1947.  It is possible that it served as her home and her office.
          The house was built when County Line (now Lake Cook) was just a two lane country road.  Now it is a busy highway with a large shopping mall and condominium buildings across from where the house sits.  The residence sits on a large lot.
          Access to the house is no longer from County Line Road, but is from behind via Acorn Lane.
          The house is heavily altered and the house and the site are in a run down condition.  The site is densely overgrown and flooded with standing water.  The original flat, ponded series of roofs has been covered over with hipped roofs.
          The house is constructed of concrete block and with cut limestone sills and base  - all now painted white.  It originally looked a lot like the McKee and the Van Bergen Residences in Hawthorne Woods, to which it is most similar.  It is constructed very solidly and could stand another one hundred years, i.e. a typical Van Bergen.
          Every other house in the immediate neighborhood is newer, or older and completely remodeled.  The Sadler house, sadly, seems doomed to be demolished and replaced in the not too distant future - a victim of its present condition, the modern desire for newer and more ostentatious homes, progress and ever increasing urban density.

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