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Mrs. Mabel McKee Residence - 1946
511 Ravine Drive - Highland Park, Illinois

          A flat roofed house with exterior walls of painted concrete block.  The house survives in very original condition.  Until recently the current owners had used the flooded roof system to cool the house very effectively in the summer.  Under the parquet floors and concrete slab, a radiant heating system still keeps the house warm.  The tandem 2 car garage is detached, also with a flat roof. 
          The roof decks are all supported by steel I beams 48 inches on center. to carry the weight of the roof and many inches of water.  Van Bergen used this device often.  His daughter remembered that he liked to see the wildlife - birds of all kinds and even ducks - use these roofs as a pond and to wash.  Being a nature lover and caring deeply that his buildings complimented nature, this pleased him immensely.
          The Van Bergen signature dark red quarry tiles are set in the four corners of the front porch slab.

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