firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
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A. W. Armitage residence, alterations
Purcell and Feick
Minneapolis, Minnesota  1909

Text by William Gray Purcell
Parabiographies entry, Volume for 1909

Job Date (in Parabiographies entry): May 20, 1909



It is interesting that in none of the above four dwellings--nor indeed in any dwelling up to this date--was there any request for a garage; none even thought of--the layout was such as to make a garage or driveway at a later date almost impossible to arrange. But at the same time none of our clients had horses. Apparently the horse and buggy as a family institution had "gone out" some time before the automobile arrived. By 1902 or 1903 the family carriage was fading rapidly from the picture. This did not result from a general desire to drive a car. There was still considerable opposition to owning or even riding in automobiles. "Autos," until 1906 or 1907, were sort of a stunt--undignified--something for "the young fellows" to fool with if they liked machinery.


    Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers, Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota [AR:B4d1.3]
research courtesy mark hammons