firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
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A. W. Armitage residence, alterations
Purcell and Feick
Minneapolis, Minnesota  1909

Like many of the earliest alterations, this work consisted of minor architectural embellishments.  Leaded glass panels were introduced around the front entrance, and in the two rooms flanking the vestibule.  The glass was manufactured by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass [PPG] Company outlet in Minneapolis.  Edward L. Sharrets, who later went on to do almost all P&E glass from his own studio during the 1910s, was very likely the person handling the order at PPG.  Some woodwork, particularly the small balustrade above the front entry porch, was also added at the time of these alterations.


Leaded glass panel (red rose and tulip pattern)

Leaded glass panel (yellow rose and tulip pattern)

Front porch, upper balustrade

Doors and transom panel

Front entryway

Side panel, front entryway


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