firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
philadelphia, pennsylvania :: portland, oregon

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Writings by William Gray Purcell
Publications (1920s-1960s)

The Small Home : : "The Lamps of Home Building" series

 Abstract :: Discusses storage requirements; and creative interior decoration in designing a house.

Abstract :: Discusses experiencing nature at a vacation cabin; why public taste changes slowly; the function of art; and house safety.

Abstract :: Discusses the study of architecture; and the cooperation of the client and architect to produce the best solution of problems faced in designing a residence.

Abstract :: Discusses criteria for the selection of an architect.

Abstract :: Recommends reading Emerson, Ruskin, Thoreau, and Stobart; and suggests a positive regard for antiques.

Abstract :: Suggestions for regaining the spirit of Christmas through sincere expressions of sharing.

Abstract :: Chinese ideographs reflect ancient understandings about houses. These ideas persist in the languages of many cultures. Chinese building practices are wise and thought provoking.

Abstract :: Planning a house requires the professional expertise of an architect. Practical knowledge of cost and value in basic living arrangements saves time, frustration, and money.

Abstract :: Recommends reading John Ruskin; materials must be used with consideration of their inherent qualities; and editorial policy of The Small Home.

Abstract :: Changes in garage design, with reference to "Georgian Place"; and learning about the uses of building materials. Also in this issue articles by James Van Evera Bailey (pp. 15, 31), and Fred A. Strauel (pp. 20, 26).

Abstract :: The relationships between dwellings and neighborhoods; how to achieve success by acting democratically; and advice to employ an architect in designing a house.

Abstract :: Qualities of a summer vacation home built by James Van Evera Bailey; and the effective use of labor saving devices.


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