firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
philadelphia, pennsylvania :: portland, oregon

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Writings by William Gray Purcell
Publications (1920s-1960s)

The Small Home : : Articles (1923-1927)
  "Cost and Value"
May, 1923 (vol. 2, #3), pp. 11 13.

Abstract :: The relationship of cost to value in the design of a small house.

  "A Breakfast Pullman for Small Dwellings
December, 1925 (vol. IV, #10), pp. 8 9.

Abstract :: A plan for utilizing the functional efficiency of a railroad dining car in domestic kitchen design. This is a reprint of the article from The Christian Science Monitor (July 30, 1925)

  "What's Wrong With This House?"
August, 1926 (vol. V, #5), pp. 16 17.

Abstract :: Analyzes the need for consultation with an architect when building a house.

  "Early American"
May, 1927 (vol. VII, #3), pp. 8 9.

Abstract :: Application of the Flagg Modular System in designing a house.

  "The Out of Door Living Room"
June, 1927 (vol. VII, #4), p. 10.

Abstract :: Better landscape gardening includes intuitive sensitivity to nature, imaginative use of the site, and attention to practical details.


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