ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: Progressive Architecture in The Architectural Record, 1891-1925
by Mark Hammons

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Ferrée, Barr.  “An ‘American Style’ of Architecture.”  Vol. I, #1 [July-September, 1891], pp. 39-45.

“When the history of ideas in this country in the nineteenth century shall be written, the invention of an ‘American style’ of Architecture will be pointed out as an illustration of the same delusion which animated people in the Middle Ages concerning the philosopher’s stone.” 

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bulletPage 40  (Plate, rendering of Peterborough Cathedral)
bulletPage 41  (Plate, floor plan of Peterborough Cathedral)
bulletPage 42  (Plate, "Pair of gates.  G. Aitchison, ARA, Architect)
bulletPage 43  (Plate, "Sketch for Country residence")
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