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Margaret Morse Residence - 1926
1036 N. Fair Oaks - Oak Park, Illinois

          For the last time Van Bergen was called back to Oak Park to design a residence.  This house is a good example of his newer "Highland Park" style for an Oak Park lot.  Note the similarity between this and the Lanzl Residence of 1925 - the "Richardsonian" character of the use of stone with the deep set windows on the side of the building.
          Despite some aesthetic alterations, the house has been superbly maintained over the years.  The alterations include the loss of the original buff color of the stucco , which is now painted white.  The original exterior trim was probably originally stained either a light green or brown.  The house originally had a cedar shingle roof.  Also, some trim details are missing from the exterior window mullions.
          An interesting feature of the house is the quote, carved in wood, over the limestone fireplace in the living room; 
"It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it a home".  The author of this quote is poet, Edgar A. Guest.
          On the permit, dated June 26, 1926, the owner is listed as the Chicago Title and Trust Company.  The Permit also lists Frank B. Coombs as the building contractor.

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