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Barbara Erwin Residence and Garage - 1922
Landscaping by Jens Jensen
621 Warwick Road. - Kenilworth, Illinois

          Much more modest than the Charles R. Erwin house next door, this dwelling reverts back to Van Bergen's earlier Prairie style.  It is very similar to the W.H. Watt Residence of 1921.  Mr. Erwin commissioned this house so that his unmarried daughter, Barbara, could follow him and live close on Chicago's North Shore here in Kenilworth.
          All the interior wood is fir including all doors, trim and cabinetry.  Two of the upstairs bedrooms have tent ceilings.
          Some alterations have been made:  The veranda has been enclosed, as has the small balcony off of the master bedroom (over the front entry).
          Blueprints exist and are dated May 30, 1922.

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