ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: Progressive Architecture in The Architectural Record, 1891-1925
by Mark Hammons

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Hamlin, A. D. F.  “The Difficulties of Modern Architecture.”  Vol I, #2 [October-December, 1891], pp. 137-150.

A philosophical discussion of the purposes and needs of modern architecture, the concept of style, and the distinctions of historical work.

bullet Page 137
bullet Page 138  (Plate: "Duquesne Club House."  Longfellow, Alden & Harlow, Architects; Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)
bulletPage 139
bullet Page 140  (Plate: "Interior in Residence of Thomas Adams, Esq."  Charles P. H. Gilbert, Architect; Brooklyn, New York)
bulletPage 141
bulletPage 142  (Plate: "Residence of J. F. D. Lenier, Esq."  James Brown Lord, Architect; Westbury, Long Island [New York])
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bulletPage 147  (Plate: "Central Congregational Church."  Carrere and Hastings, Architects; Providence, Rhode Island)
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bulletPage 149  (Plate: "Crypt, Lincoln Cathedral.")
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