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Writings by William Gray Purcell
Publications (1920s-1960s)

The Christian Science Monitor articles (1923-1927)

Beginning in 1923, Purcell wrote thirteen newspaper articles for the Christian Science Monitor. Four of these general interest writings reported advances in bridge design and construction, including a description of the Wolf Creek bridge built by Purcell & Elmslie in Oregon in 1919. The design problems of auditoriums, particularly for Christian Science assemblies, were discussed in two articles that appeared in 1925. "A Breakfast Pullman for Small Dwellings" described built-in table seating for kitchens, and was reprinted in several other periodicals over following decades. These publications were given commission numbers on the Portland accounting system.
  "The Romance and Art of Building a Concrete Bridge
October 1, 1923

Abstract :: The organically functional design of the Wolf Creek Bridge.

  "Good Houses and How They Grow
 January 10, 1924

Abstract ::The designs of speculative houses built by Purcell in Portland, Oregon. These structures appear on the Portland commission list as commission numbers 625-630, 635-637, 651, 661-662, and 665.

  "Concert Stage Settings at the Eastman Theater, Rochester [NY]"
May 14, 1925

Abstract :: The theatrical stage designs of Norman Edwards.

  "Crime and News Advertisements
Christian Science Monitor June 6, 1925

Abstract :: A letter from Purcell to Monitor editor Willis J. Abbott outlines a proposal for more constructive presentation of social problems in relationship to commercial advertising.

  "A Place of Assembly That Can Be Built in Units"
June 25, 1925

Abstract :: Outline of a plan for incremental phases of construction in a Christian Science Church, with references to the Third Christian Science Church, Portland.

  "A Breakfast Pullman for Small Dwellings
 July 30, 1925

Abstract :: A plan for utilizing the functional efficiency of a railroad dining car in domestic kitchen design.

  "The Island Station of the Saint Paul Gas & Light Company"
 August 8, 1925
Abstract :: : The completion of an electric generating facility in Minnesota.
  "Silence in City Auditoriums
August 20, 1925

Abstract :: A solution for securing quiet interiors near busy streets, and other problems of assembly places, with reference to the plan for the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, project (Minneapolis, Minnesota 1914).

  "The Mendota Bridge"
 August 27, 1925
Abstract :: Pioneering methods in the construction of a Mississippi River bridge near Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  "Minnesota Sweet Corn"
September 9, 1925
Abstract :: The rise of corn as a commercial crop in Minnesota.
  "Burnside Bridge, Portland, Oregon"
 October, 1925
Abstract :: The construction of a bridge.
  "A New Graphic Art"
January 13, 1927
Abstract :: Types and functions of architectural records.


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