firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
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For now this is only a temporary page to accumulate references as I go along. 

Lawton S. Parker

A gifted Impressionist portrait painter, Lawton Parker was set upon his artistic journey through the sponsorship of William Cunningham Gray, Purcell's maternal grandfather. For many years Parker added the surname Gray to his signature in honor of his patron. While this artist was never associated directly with any P&E projects, he was a lifelong friend to Purcell -- and may have started Purcell to work on his very first architectural drawing. A 1891 portrait of Dr. Gray by Parker is installed permanently in Lake Place, and a painting of Island Lake by Parker that belongs to the Purcell Papers at present hangs in the dining room of the house.

Circa 1891

Newspaper clipping, 1892

Island Lake
Oil on canvas
Lawton S. G. Parker  1892





research courtesy mark hammons