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C. W. Lockwood residence, alterations
Purcell and Feick
Eau Claire, Wisconsin  1909 [demolished]

Text by William Gray Purcell
Parabiographies entry, Volume for 1909

Job Date (in Parabiographies entry): May 10, 1909

C. W. LOCKWOOD, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Mr. Lockwood, president of the First National Bank, was a nineteenth century dilettante marooned in a small lumber town. He was a plump gentleman of deliberate speech, gracious manner, dignified but warm and friendly. At a time when such things were seldom seen off the stage, he wore heavy dark-rimmed pince nez with a black silk ribbon. Otherwise, he was simple and unaffected in all ways. He was an educated man of taste with a splendid collection of etchings as his particular hobby. He was a great reader and had an unusually fine library. He went to Europe every summer and to New York to see the plays in the winter.

This building operation was principally a large sunroom built on the second floor, over an old porte cochere. Mrs. Lockwood furnished the ideas, and Mr. Lockwood paid the bills. We studied and restudied this room design, building special furniture for it. It really turned out to be what is now generally known as a penthouse apartment. It was all glass, quite modern, with a carefully developed color program, very beautifully furnished by Marshall Field, Chicago.


   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers, Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota [AR:B4d1.3]
research courtesy mark hammons