firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
philadelphia, pennsylvania :: portland, oregon

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"Purcell & Elmslie, Architects" Exhibition, special accounting
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota   1953


The facsimile of the catalog is provided here as a fair-use research reference only, and not to infringe on copyright.  Individual or combined groups of pages from the catalog appear frequently in binders, presentation packages, and other documentary compilations by William Gray Purcell during his lifetime.  These reuses are an interesting tale in themselves as Purcell continued to have pride in the catalog, whose publication he underwrote.  All the illustrations shown in the catalog were taken from the files of the Purcell & Elmslie archives as maintained by John Jager from the 1930s to the late 1950s, and can also be found on the pages related to the individual commission.



Title page

Introductory text by Donald R. Torbert

Essay by David S. Gebhard, page 1

Essay by David S. Gebhard, page 2

Biographical notes for William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie

Illustrations page (1): Merchants Bank of Winona

Illustrations page (2): First National Bank (Adams, Minnesota), Madison State Bank (Madison, Minnesota), Edison Shop (Chicago, Illinois)

Illustrations page (3): St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Factory for Alexander Brothers

Illustrations page (4): Woodbury County Court House (Sioux City, Iowa)

Illustrations page (5): Edna S. Purcell residence (Minneapolis,Minnesota), Charles O. Alexander residence, project (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Illustrations page (6): Hannah dining room suite, Edna S. Purcell summer residence (Rose Valley, Pennsylvania), Service Buildings for Henry B. Babson

Illustrations page (7): Stewart Memorial Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota), YMCA, project (Hunan, China)

Rear inside cover, with partial list of P&E commissions and note concerning P&E




research courtesy mark hammons