firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
philadelphia, pennsylvania :: portland, oregon

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Purcell and Elmslie advertising brochures
Purcell and Elmslie

While working as the advertising manager of Alexander Brothers, Purcell undertook a series of designs to promote the work of his architectural firm.  Printed by Norman T. A. Munder in Philadelphia, these two-color process sheets were folded in several shapes, both portrait and landscape; some had leaves that formed cover business cards (e.g. the Alexander Brothers factory brochure).


Merchants Bank

Edison Shop

E. W. Decker residence

Babson Service Buildings

Alexander Brothers Factory

Third Church of Christ, Scientist

"The word Architecture..."

Title sheet

Community House for the First Congregational Church

3 images are also available from the University of Minnesota digital database.




research courtesy mark hammons