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Garage for the E. S. Hoyt Residence
Purcell and Elmslie
Red Wing, Minnesota  1915

Parabiographies entry, Volume for 1910
Text by William Gray Purcell

Job Date (in Parabiography): March 31, 1915

E. S. Hoyt Garage, Red Wing, Minnesota

This was a very happy completion for the grounds of the Hoyt dwelling. It was very carefully studied to subordinate it to the whole project rather than architecturalize it. It was united with the mass of the main house by an interesting pergola. We tried a successful experiment in plan. The alley being too narrow to turn a car, we placed a long axis of the garage parallel to the alley, clipping off the end of the garage at a 30 degree angle with the street. The car entered with a swerve away from the alley and was backed out to the street, no great distance.

   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers, Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota [AR:B4d1.9]  


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