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Tea Rooms for the Dayton Company, project
Purcell, Feick and Elmslie
Minneapolis, Minnesota  1911

Text by William Gray Purcell
Parabiographies entry, Volume for 1911

Job Date (in Parabiographies): 1911 (no date)

Dayton Dry Goods Company (New Tea Rooms)

The Dayton Family were a high grade crowd. Mr. Dayton, the son, who died along in the early twenties, was a fine man and able in business. His brother was none too light on his mental feet, but he was made a director in the Northwestern Life Insurance Company in 1939. In 1910 the Dayton Company was well along with the expansion of their department store, a growth which took them out in front of even the old aristocratic Donaldson "Glass Block" store, within the next ten years. They realized the prestige to be gained by a first class restaurant and tea room and asked us to make some studies. Ten years later our scheme would have been accepted without question, but it was too far in advance of their ideas and they ended up by making a few minor changes carried out by their own decorating department, mostly furniture and wall paint.

   Collection: William Gray Purcell Papers, Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota [AR:B4d1.5]
research courtesy mark hammons