firm active: 1907-1921

minneapolis, minnesota :: chicago, illinois
philadelphia, pennsylvania :: portland, oregon

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William LaBarthe Steele, Sr.

Purcell and Elmslie were Associated Architects with Steele on the Woodbury County Court House (Sioux City, Iowa 1915/1916)

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    1. Charles Mix County Courthouse (Lake Andes, South Dakota  1918)
    2. Crane Company Warehouse (Sioux City, Iowa  1914)
    3. Davidson Building (Sioux City, Iowa  1913)
    4. Fairmont Park Branch Library (Sioux City, Iowa  1927)
    5. Fire Station Number 6 (Sioux City, Iowa  1917)
    6. First Congregational Church (Sioux City, Iowa  1912)
    7. Haftor Sve House (Sioux City, Iowa 1922)
    8. Hood residence (Sioux City, Iowa  1921)
    9. Hubert Harpham Everist, Sr. House (Sioux City, Iowa 1917)
    10. Morningside Masonic Building (attributed to Steele; Sioux City, Iowa  1920)
    11. Jame P. Newton residence (Sioux City, Iowa  undated)
    12. United Orthodox Synagogue (Sioux City, Iowa 1920)
    13. Ben and Harriet Schulwin residence (Sioux City, Iowa  1913)
    14. Scottish Rite Temple (Sioux City, Iowa  1926)
    15. Smith Villa Branch Library (Sioux City, Iowa  1924-1927)
    16. William L. Steele residence (Sioux City, Iowa  undated)
    17. Williges Store Building (Sioux City, Iowa 1926)

research courtesy mark hammons